Hoax - Sluiting Facebook op 15 maart

Het lijkt een traditie te worden, de hoax die gaat over de aankomende sluiting van Facebook. Al een aantal jaar op rij zodra het nieuwe jaar is begonnen duikt de hoax over de sluiting van het sociale netwerk weer op. In het bericht hieronder (2014) staat dat Facebook wederom op 15 maart definitief zal gaan sluiten, dit keer omdat het op het sociale netwerk simpelweg veel te druk is geworden. Het bericht wordt rondgestuurd om te bekijken welke gebruikers er eigenlijk nog wel actief zijn. Het bericht sluit dan ook af met het verzoek om deze binnen twee weken door te sturen naar vijftien andere gebruikers om zo aan te geven dat je nog actief bent. Doe je dit niet dan zal je account na deze periode worden gesloten.

In het bericht uit 2011 stond nog dat oprichter en CEO van het sociale netwerk Mark Zuckerberg had aangekondigd dat Facebook op 15 maart zou gaan sluiten omdat het project totaal uit de hand was gelopen. De stress van het runnen van een dergelijk groot beursgenoteerd bedrijf zou het leven van Zuckerberg volledig hebben geruïneerd. Dat hij een hoop geld zou gaan verliezen door de sluiting maakte hem niets uit, hij wilde gewoon zijn eigen leven terug. Hieronder zie je zowel het bericht uit 2014 als het bericht uit 2011.


Dear Facebook members, Facebook is supposed to be closing down March 15th because it is becoming very overpopulated. There have been many members complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow. Records show that there are many active Facebook members and also many new members. We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. If you are active please send to 15 other users using copy+paste to show that you are still active. Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to make more space. Send this me>ssage to all of your friends to show that you are still active and you will not be deleted. Founder of Facebook. Remember to send this to 15 other people so your account wont be deleted.


PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.

“Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”

Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.

“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”

Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.

“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the shocking news.

“What am I going to do without Facebook?” said Denise Bradshaw, a high school student from Indiana. “My life revolves around it. I’m on Facebook at least 10 hours a day. Now what am I going to do with all that free time?”

However, parents across the country have been experiencing a long anticipated sense of relief.

“I’m glad the Facebook nightmare is over,” said Jon Guttari, a single parent from Detroit. “Now my teenager’s face won’t be glued to a computer screen all day. Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.”

Those in the financial circuit are criticizing Zuckerberg for walking away from a multibillion dollar franchise. Facebook is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest businesses in the world, with economists estimating its value at around 7.9 billion.

But Zuckerberg remains unruffled by these accusations. He says he will stand by his decision to give Facebook the axe.

“I don’t care about the money,” said Zuckerberg. “I just want my old life back.”

The Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased.