Sollicitatieprocedure honden, 1 april 2012

het is als je bij Google werkt normaal dat je honden mag meenemen naar kantoor, je moet dan ook niet gek opkijken als er een hond langs komt lopen. Hoewel honden dus zijn toegestaan moeten zij echter net als hun baasjes een streng sollicitatieprocedure doorlopen voordat ze welkom zijn op het kantoor van Google. Hieronder een kort interview met Taylor Marquardt van het Canine Staffing Team over dit proces.

Honden bij Google

How does your team handle the applications that you receive from aspiring Dooglers?

Dealing with canine-submitted applications does pose a unique set of challenges. It's not uncommon to see resumes with a few paw prints or drool stains here and there, but we try to look past that to recognize the skills and experience of the applicant. The main thing that we look for on a resume is evidence that the dog has demonstrated great teamwork within a business kennel environment.

What attributes are we looking for in canine candidates?

It honestly depends on the job and the specific candidate. We receive tons of applications each week from dogs of all breeds, but we try to match the right canine with the right department. For example, Bloodhounds are a natural fit for Search, while Rottweilers are often drawn to our corporate security positions.

What goes on during a doggie interview?

At the beginning, we'll go over the basics: staying, fetching, rolling over— you know, typical job interview fare. But because we're Google, we want to dive deeper into the candidate's skill set and determine whether the dog can handle a situation when the fur starts flying. We sometimes ask candidates to diagram solutions to a business problem on a whiteboard, and while the top candidates demonstrate a steady paw, you'd be surprised at the poor penmanship we sometimes see.

Any advice for those who make it to the interview stage?

Show your true personality! We meet a lot of interviewees who try to impress us with their lush fur, suede collars and knit wool sweaters. But the best canine candidates are just like the best human candidates: they are friendly, energetic, playful— and don't bite.

Honden bij Google

Honden bij Google