Google Maps OCCA Australië, 1 april 2010

In Australië voegde Google een nieuwe functie toe aan Google Maps gericht op de lokale gebruikers. De nieuwe functie toonde routebeschrijvingen in het Australische dialect wat het gebruik van Google Maps makkelijker moest maken. "Australia, with its highly idiomatic local language, was found to be a perfect test bed for the next generation of language translation technology developed locally in the Sydney office." aldus Google.

Dat betekende dat je de volgende vertalingen kreeg:


"Chucka U-ey" - Execute a U-Turn
“Hang a Right” - Make a right turn
“Fang a Left” - Make a left turn
"Hit the frog and toad" - The road
"Hoof it" - Walk
"100 Clicks" - 100 kilometres
"Not within Cooee" - Not close by
"Down the road" - Unspecified term indicating distance

Driving Styles

"Hit the anchors" - Brake, now
"Flat chat" - Going very fast
“Hoon” - Fast, irresponsible driver
"Bingle" - Car accident (not Lara)
"Bogged" - Stuck
“All over the shop” - Veering across lanes
“Rough as guts” - Car needs a tune
“Bag em up” - Smoke the tires
“Drive like my Grandma” - Going too slow
“Amber Gambler” - Runs orange lights
“Sunday Driver” - Poor driver.

Google Maps OCCA