Nieuwe mascotte Google AdWords, 1 april 2008

Nieuwe mascotte Google AdWords, 1 april 2008 Het Google AdWords team kondiged op 1 april 2008 met grote trots "Frank the hand turkey" aan, oftewel Frank de kalkoen waarvan hiernaast een afbeelding. Frank zou vanaf dat moment de officiŰle mascotte zijn van Google AdWords en in de pogingen om de kwaliteit van online adverteren te verbeteren werd ook direct FrankRank(TM) ge´ntroduceerd door het Google AdWords team.

FrankRank was een nieuwe technologie ge´nspireerd op Frank de kalkoen. Om meer te weten te komen over de nieuwe technologie plaatste het AdWords team een interview met Frank online die je hieronder terug kunt lezen.

I see you're sporting a new look.
Frank: Oh? What? Oh yes, the bow tie. Well, I'm a big corporate mascot now. I need to look the part. Plus, I hear they have big plans for me, so I've got to look sharp.

Tell us about FrankRank.
F: I'd be happy to. Well, as you might know, AdWords rankings are now based on how well a particular ad goes with mashed potatoes and gravy... and quite frankly, how much I like the ad. Some people thought this connection between mashed potatoes and bids was confusing, but since it's really all about what I like, I figured we'd just name it after me.

We've done some usability studies with it, and you wouldn't believe the results. People are like, "Who's Frank?" and the User Experience Researcher is like, "He's a hand turkey," and then the people are like, "Woah, I get it now." Truly fascinating stuff.

How did you become the AdWords mascot? Were there others competing for the title?
F: I did have to beat out a snowman and his girlfriend for the title, but fortunately I received a travel hair dryer in my office's Secret Santa last year. That certainly heated up the competition, if you know what I mean.

Any concerns that you might be eaten?
F: Well, not in particular, I mean I'm a hand turkey, not the real thing. Now I could see that someone could be enjoying some mashed potatoes and gravy while managing their AdWords account, and then see me, think I am delicious turkey, and try to devour me, but I mean what are the odds?

What else do you have lined up for the future?
F: I've got big plans! First off, I'm going to learn 42 new languages so I can speak to all of our AdWords customers. I also hear that the AdSense folks are looking for a mascot. After that, I'm off to Mars with Project Virgle.