Niet iedereen happy met de nieuwe interface van Google

Deze week lanceerde Google een nieuwe interface maar niet iedereen is even blij hiermee zo blijkt uit diverse berichten op het help forum van Google. Velen vinden dat Google met deze interface Bing heeft gekopieerd ondanks het feit dat Google eigenlijk al langer beschikt over een inklapbare linkerkolom en al sinds 2006 test met soortgelijke interfaces. Dezelfde stroom reacties kwam net nadat de fadende homepage werd doorgevoerd.

Een aantal reacties geplaatst op de forums van Google hieronder uitgelicht en zo zijn er nog veel meer van dit soort reacties te vinden op het web.

Please tell us how to change it into "classic view" or something. People are going to be having a very hard time with this-- giving the main page, the very first page, a "new look" is more than just a re-design. When you have something that many people look at over and over and OVER again, it's changing the way you're asking them to think... and that's not great. Not great at all. On behalf of all the people who use Google, please give the option of looking at the format in the old way.

I just checked that the google logo looks funny. I use google everyday, and the logo doesnt seem correct somehow.

I for one will stop using Google if they don't change it back. I have thought about it in the past but in the end chose Google for a few reasons. This just took one of those reasons away.

PLEASE go back to the classic simple easy-functionality of the Google!!

I don't need to add to the scores of complaints here, as I agree with everyone saying...CHANGE IT BACK!

If I wanted a Yahoo, I'd have stayed with a Yahoo.  If I wanted Vista, ditto.  Google came along and was short, sweet and right to the point.

I absolutely hate the new design. Seriously google at least give is the option to change it to the old design. Ive seen many sites change and upgrade, and i didnt mind it. But this is seriously pissing me off. Im even considering switching to another search engine if you guys dont fix it.

Please PLEASE PLEASE change it back!! Or give the option too. I love google so much, but this is making me HATE it 🙁

if you don't like the new layout, you won't like Bing.  It is exactly the same.  It's like Google admitting that they think Bing is better.  I don't like Bing - I don't like their results and I don't like their layout.  If Google likes Bing so much they should just use it, don't subject Google users to it as well.

For the first time in many, many years I've changed my home button to Alta Vista.  I was a total Google customer, mail, home, search, Google voice, Wave and more.   Proud to promote your cause, even considering a Droid phone to support you.

I'll check back from time to time to see if you fixed the format change.   It's not too late for Google to fail and I think this was a huge mistake.  You're getting in our face now like the noise on TV and I'll bet the woman that thought this was a great idea doesn’t have the common sense to fix it.

I hope enough people are like me and go elsewhere.   You've sounded the warning bell that your turning out just like everyone else.   I'm seriously disappointed.

Wow I can't stand this new search results page. I thought google was broken or I was hacked, I was thinking how much this sucked and how I can't wait until it's over. But then I research it and what do I find? The people at google, whom I've had great faith in, are the ones responsible!! Please hurry and make an option that allows 'classic view'. I'm shocked that the google team would think that this is better than before, infact I'm so worried about your decision making that I'm going to sell a lot of stock.

I hate the new sidebar. Google has been about simplicity, and this just ruins everything. Why force the option on everybody if they don't want it? It was fine before when it was hidden by default! What's wrong with having it hidden by default? I suggest that you just click a button if you want to see the sidebar..

Dear Google,

Your core competency has always been simplicity. I watched you grow up with just a textbox and a couple of buttons while your big brother Yahoo was busy creating the busiest web portal he could come up with...

..and YOU came out on top. Now your brother is working the night security shift at the AOL museum - and you're out fixing the world.

Please don't forget where you came from - and please reconsider the fade-ins and redundant space-wasting links that have historically proven to be a Bad Idea. Content is king, leave the cutesy UI gimmicks to Microsoft, and just... be Google.

Yours truly,
Loyal google fan that stopped what he was doing so he could search for a solution immediately after seeing the new search page

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