Instagram heeft nu 100 miljoen maandelijks actieve gebruikers

Instagram, tegenwoordig onderdeel van Facebook heeft een nieuwe mijlpaal bereikt in de vorm van 100 miljoen maandelijks actieve gebruikers. De populaire fotoapplicatie werd in oktober 2010 gelanceerd door Kevin Systrom die ooit bij Google werkte en Mike Krieger.

De applicatie voor de iPhone is sinds dat moment beschikbaar en pas sinds april afgelopen jaar is er ook een applicatie voor Android, deze werd gelanceerd net voor dat de overname door Facebook werd aangekondigd. Dagelijks worden er 40 miljoen foto's geüpload, iets minder dan de honderden miljoenen foto's die dagelijks naar Facebook worden geüpload. Elke seconde worden er 8500 likes en ruim 1000 reacties geplaatst.


Kevin Systrom, door de overname in dienst van Facebook heeft een blog online gezet over het ontstaan van Instagram. Een gedeelte van het bericht lees je hieronder, het volledige bericht kan hier volledig gelezen worden. Verder kunnen alle gebruikers van Instagram middels de hashtag #InstagramMeansToMe foto's delen om deze mijlpaal te vieren.

Instagram’s first office had few redeeming qualities—and insulation was not one of them. There were only two of us, so we rented desks in a co-working space on a pier over San Francisco Bay. At night, it was common to find us working in winter jackets huddled over our laptops where the air was so cold we could see our breath. It was October 2010 when we launched Instagram, and San Francisco had dealt us a particularly unforgiving and chilly fall.

One night soon after launch, about a half-mile away, the Giants’ stadium was full of fans cheering on their team in a race for the NLCS against the Philadelphia Phillies. You see, having so little insulation in the office had an unintended consequence of being able to hear the crowd roar every time someone hit a long ball out towards McCovey Cove. Back in the office, we’d lift our heads up from code with every eruption of the fans, wondering who was at bat, what had happened, and whether the ball had made it or not. We never knew, but that wasn’t the point.

While we may only have had a few thousand people around the world using Instagram that night, we had a sense that maybe through Instagram we could tune in to what was happening just a few steps away. With a few quick commands at his terminal, my co-founder Mike’s screen filled with images of the game: the bullpen, dugout, concession stands, cheering fans and a panoramic view from somewhere up high. In a matter of hours, the people in that stadium had recorded moments in time through Instagram and allowed us to tune into an event while we sat a half a mile away, working—winter coats and all.

For the first time, we understood why Instagram was going to be different. We understood the power of images to connect people to what was happening in the world around them. And, although Instagram had a fraction of the user base it does today, that night we saw a preview of what Instagram would enable at a much larger scale down the road.

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