Googler pleit voor nieuwe interface, Google loves you too

Over het algemeen zijn er op het web nog niet heel veel klachten geplaatst over de nieuwe interface van Google maar het officiële forum stroomt er wel mee vol. Op het forum werd onder andere een handleiding geplaatst over hoe de linkerkolom uitgeschakeld kan worden, tevens behandeld op maandag in dit bericht.

Rubie, een medewerker van Google heeft reageerde op de handleiding op een vrij grappige manier. De volledige reactie hieronder.

Dearest Saltmine,

It pains me to witness the tragic unraveling of a technological love affair. Clearly you're beyond the "We need to talk" phase, but I still think there's hope for your relationship. I, too, was shocked by the new Google search results page when I first saw it. Where had my beautifully textured G-O-O-G-L-E gone? And who invited Left-Nav to the party? It was like my mom had changed her cheesy potatoes recipe and ruined Thanksgiving forever. Nevertheless, out of respect for the Goog, as my friends like to call it, I gave it a whirl.

Shortly thereafter, I did a search for [bridal shower ideas] and, to my surprise, the old Google was back. I guess it was just an experiment that came and went. What luck, right? Wrong. Despite my initial resistance, I had actually started to like to new interface. I could so easily toggle between images, blogs, and videos for the perfect combination of ideas on how to put together the ideal shower. Was I a traitor? Was I betraying the old Google by embracing the new one? I decided that I didn't really care because I was getting exactly the info that I wanted.

I understand if you recall with longing another time with a different Google results page, but Google is not ready to give up on its relationship with you. You're free to search wherever you like, but know that Google will be always be waiting for your return.


P.S. Google loves you too. 🙂

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